When we think of workplace safety, we often picture hardhats, safety vests, and steel-toed boots. But what about the technologies that are transforming the way we protect our workers? Grace Connected Safety™ is one such technology, and it’s changing the game in surprising ways.

One way Grace Connected Safety™ is revolutionizing workplace safety is by offering real-time monitoring of lone workers. With the WorkForce® 2 pendant, supervisors can stay connected to their workers at all times, even when they’re working alone in remote or hazardous locations.

But Grace Connected Safety™ is more than just a way to monitor lone workers. It also offers customizable alerting options, so you can receive safety notifications directly to your device with no third-party required. And with the latest in alerting technology, you can rest assured that you’ll be notified of potential hazards before they become a crisis.

Another way Grace Connected Safety™ is changing the game is through its advanced mapping and reporting features. With detailed mapping and reporting capabilities, you can get a complete overview of your worksite safety in real-time. This means you can identify potential hazards and respond quickly to prevent accidents before they happen.

Finally, Grace Connected Safety™ is leading the charge in intrinsically safe devices. With the SuperCELL® SC500 and TPASS®3 intrinsically safe devices, workers can use technology safely in hazardous locations where traditional electronics could ignite a spark.

In conclusion, Grace Connected Safety™ is transforming the way we think about workplace safety. From real-time monitoring of lone workers to advanced mapping and reporting features, Grace Connected Safety™ offers a comprehensive solution to workplace safety challenges. And with intrinsically safe devices, we can use technology in even the most hazardous locations without fear of sparking a dangerous situation.