Glossary of Terms

Grace Connected SafetyGlossary of Terms
Grace Connected Safety™

Glossary of Terms

We understand that navigating the world of worker safety and technology can involve a myriad of specialized terms and acronyms. That’s why we have curated this comprehensive glossary to provide you with a clear understanding of the key concepts and terminology related to our products and services. Whether you’re new to the field or an industry expert, this resource will serve as a valuable reference, helping you decipher and demystify the technical jargon. Explore the glossary to gain insights into the terminology used in our safety pendants, gateways, service plans, and other components of the Grace Connected Safety™ system. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the knowledge and understanding necessary to make informed decisions and maximize the benefits of our advanced safety solutions.



Abandon signal received, indicating imminent harm may occur and the user should abandon the area immediately.

Alarm Inhibit Timer

When a device receives an alarm message from another Grace Connected Safety™ device and that alarm is cleared, the Alarm Inhibit Timer provides a thirty (30) second period of time where the device will not receive another message from that same device.

Alarm Message

A radio transmitted signal is sent from the device to notify monitoring personnel that  an emergency situation is present and rescue action is required.

Alarm Mode

Device transmits an emergency radio signal and emits a loud audio alarm tone when motion-sensing timer has lapsed, fall-detection was recorded, or the emergency alarm button is activated.

Alarm Monitoring

Allows a user the monitor the status of other personnel working in the same general area when they are equipped with a Grace Connected Safety™ pendant. The device MUST be in Sensing Mode to receive Alarm signals from other Grace devices or equipment.


Canned Text Message

Pre-programmed, text-based messages that can be sent from one device to another.


Dilution of Precision

A term used in satellite-GPS navigation to express the positioning accuracy  of a GPS enabled device.



Evacuation signal received, indicating user should leave the area immediately.


Fall Arrest

A safety measure designed to protect lone workers from falling from heights. Fall arrest systems, such as harnesses and lifelines, are essential in preventing serious injuries or fatalities. Grace Connected Safety™ provides fall detection features and devices to enhance worker safety in elevated work environments.


When in sensing mode, device monitors the user for falling motion. Once a fall has been detected, the unit enters Fall Pre-Alert mode alerting the user of a detected fall and allowing time (< 15s) to clear the detected Fall Pre-Alert before an Alarm is activated.


GPS Status

The GPS Status Icon appears on the Icon Line of the device when the GPS Location feature is active.  The icon changes based on the satellite fix quality.


Intrinsically Safe

Refers to equipment or devices that are specifically designed to operate safely in hazardous environments, where the presence of flammable gases, vapors, or dust is possible. Grace Connected Safety™ offers intrinsically safe options to ensure worker safety in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and mining.


Lone Worker

An employee who works in isolation or without close supervision. Lone workers face unique safety challenges due to the absence of immediate assistance. Grace Connected Safety™ offers advanced solutions to monitor and protect lone workers in various industries.


Man-Down Alarm Mode

A Grace Connected Safety™ pendant enters an audible Alarm Mode when the Pre-Alert Timer counts down to zero.

Monitoring Authority

The person(s) responsible for monitoring the status of the devices used by the various on-scene personnel, usually from a centralized base location.

Motion Sensing Activation

Appears on the icon line of the device when the Motion Sensing feature is active. This icon changes as the device detects motion.

Motion Sensing Timer

Indicates the seconds of lack-of-motion required before the Grace Connected Safety™ pendant enters Pre-Alert Mode.


PAR: Personnel Accountability Report

A Personnel Accountability Report is used to prompt the person wearing the Grace Connected Safety™ pendant to acknowledge a PAR-Request signal sent. This is designed as a periodic check-in for the safety pendant user providing an indication of their well-being.


An audible warning that starts 12 seconds prior to Alarm Mode.


Radio Signal Propagation

The behavior radio waves exhibit when they are transmitted. Radio Signal Propagation can be affected by structural, environmental and atmospheric conditions.


Designed to signal the Grace Connected Safety™ pendant user of an escalating situation prompting the user to acknowledge their safety status immediately.


Sensing Mode

When the Grace Connected Safety™ pendant is turned on, it is in Sensing Mode. In Sensing Mode, the device is monitoring radio traffic for alarm messages.

Signal Lost / Out-of-Range

Signal Lost is an indication that the user is beyond the effective signaling range of the Grace Connected Safety™ gateway.



The automated measurement and transmission of data from remote locations to a central system. Grace Connected Safety™ utilizes telemetry technology to transmit critical information, such as worker alerts and device status, to the Grace Cloud Connect monitoring portal in real-time.


Unit ID

A unique ID number assigned to the Grace Connected Safety™ pendants for the purpose of radio communications.

Unit OEM

The Unit OEM is a number assigned to the Grace Connected Safety™ devices and is similar to the Unit ID. The key difference is that the Unit OEM is not a unique number to each device.