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Grace Connected SafetyFrequently Asked Questions
Grace Connected Safety™

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for Grace Connected Safety™. Here, we aim to provide answers to common inquiries about our innovative worker safety solution. Whether you are a business owner, safety manager, or an individual looking to enhance personal safety, this FAQ section will address key aspects of Grace Connected Safety™. From the functionality of our safety pendants and gateways to the features of our service plans, we have compiled relevant information to help you make informed decisions. Explore the questions below to gain a deeper understanding of our products, services, and how Grace Connected Safety™ can empower you to prioritize worker safety.

General Questions

Grace Connected Safety™ is an advanced worker safety monitoring and alerting system. It utilizes wearable safety pendants, connected gateways, and the Grace Cloud Connect system to provide real-time monitoring, incident detection, and emergency response capabilities. It combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly features to enhance worker safety in various industries.

The main features and benefits of Grace Connected Safety™ include audible, visual, and vibrating alerts for immediate response in emergencies, customizable settings through the PC Utility tool, real-time monitoring and reporting through the Grace Cloud Connect system, and integration with various safety protocols. It enhances worker safety by providing proactive monitoring, rapid incident response, and detailed reporting for better safety management.

The Grace Cloud Connect system enables real-time monitoring and reporting of worker safety. It acts as a centralized information nerve center, allowing users to access safety status, incident alerts, and detailed mapping from a user-friendly web portal. This cloud-based platform ensures seamless connectivity and provides actionable insights for effective safety management.

Yes, Grace Connected Safety™ is highly customizable to suit specific industry requirements. It can be tailored to address the unique safety needs of industries such as construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, utilities, and more. The system’s flexibility allows for the integration of industry-specific safety standards, protocols, and compliance requirements.

Implementing Grace Connected Safety™ in your organization involves several steps. These include assessing your safety requirements, selecting the appropriate safety pendants and gateways, configuring the system settings, integrating it with existing safety protocols, training employees on its usage, and establishing communication and emergency response procedures. Grace Industries provides comprehensive support and guidance throughout the implementation process to ensure a smooth transition and successful deployment of the safety system.

Safety Pendants

Grace Connected Safety™ Pendants are compact and lightweight devices designed for the safety of lone workers. With audible, visual, and vibrating alerts, they provide immediate notifications in emergencies. These pendants are rugged and IP67-rated for durability in challenging environments. Optional GPS connectivity allows for accurate outdoor positioning and real-time mapping. They also feature motion detection and fall detection for added safety. Customizable settings ensure personalized configurations. Grace Connected Safety™ Pendants offer reliable protection and peace of mind in hazardous work environments. Grace TPASS 3 and SC500 model Pendants offer Intrinsic Safety as a key feature.

Grace Connected Safety™ safety pendants are advanced wearable devices designed to enhance worker safety in various industries. They provide real-time alerts, notifications, and monitoring capabilities to ensure worker well-being.

Grace Connected Safety™ Pendants and Gateways integrate seamlessly integrate to create a comprehensive safety network. Grace Pendants, such as WorkForce®, TPASS®3 and SuperCELL®, are worn by workers and provide immediate alerts. Grace Gateways, such as GMG Grace Mobile Gateway, GFG Grace Fixed Gateway, PWA Portable Worksite Alarm Gateway and MS3000 Fixed Monitor, receive and transmit the alerts to the Grace Cloud Connect™ system, enabling real-time monitoring and centralized safety management.

The safety pendants offer a range of safety alerts and notifications, including man-down alarms, motion detection, fall detection, distress alarms, and buddy system features. These features ensure quick and effective communication during critical events.

WorkForce 1 & 2 Safety Pendants

The WorkForce® 1 & 2 safety pendants are specifically designed to enhance the safety of people working at heights and features fall detection. Rescue time is critical for a person left suspended in a fall harness and places the person at risk of suspension trauma. Suspension trauma is a life threatening condition caused after an even a short time of  suspension/ “hanging” in a climbing harness. WorkForce® Pendants feature motion detection and fall detection capabilities to detect and respond to potential emergencies. In the event of a fall, WorkForce® initiates an alert with audible, visual, and vibrating signals to prompt the wearer and transmit distress signals to the Grace Gateway. With the WorkForce® 1 & 2 Safety Pendants, lone workers and people working at heights can feel confident knowing that immediate help will be notified in critical situations.

WorkForce® 1 & 2 safety pendants are versatile and can be utilized across a wide range of industries. Whether it’s construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, utilities, or any other field where lone workers face potential risks, the WorkForce® 1 & 2 pendants provide an essential layer of protection. These pendants are designed to withstand challenging environments and offer reliable safety features to keep lone workers secure throughout their workday.

The WorkForce® 1 & 2 safety pendants are powered by an internal rechargeable lithium battery. The battery life depends on the specific usage and settings of the pendant. Under typical conditions, the battery can provide up to 40 hours of operation for non-GPS models and up to 24 hours for GPS-enabled models. The pendants can be easily recharged within 3-4 hours using a standard AC adapter or an optional 12V DC vehicle charger, ensuring uninterrupted protection for lone workers.

SuperCELL® SC500 Safety Pendant

The SuperCell® SC500 Safety Pendant is certified Class 1 Division 1 intrinsically safe. It features a compact and lightweight design, making it comfortable to wear and easy to navigate. The pendant is equipped with audible, visual, and vibrating alerts, ensuring immediate response during emergency situations. With its rugged IP67 rating, the SC500 is built to withstand challenging environments, providing reliable protection against dust, water, and other adverse conditions. Additionally, the pendant offers optional GPS connectivity for accurate outdoor positioning and real-time mapping display through the Grace Cloud Connect system.

The SuperCell® SC500 Safety Pendant is specifically designed to address the safety concerns of lone workers. It incorporates advanced features to detect and respond to potential emergencies. The pendant includes motion detection capabilities, initiating a countdown timer if no movement is detected. In case of immobility, the pendant triggers an audible alarm and transmits distress signals to the Grace Gateway, ensuring prompt response from the monitoring team.  SuperCell® SC500’s durability and reliable performance, provide lone workers with a crucial layer of safety and peace of mind.

TPASS® 3 Safety Pendant

The TPASS® 3 Safety Pendant is certified Class 1 Division 1 intrinsically safe.  It is equipped with advanced features such as audible and visual alerts, ensuring immediate notification in emergency situations. TPASS® 3 is designed to withstand challenging conditions with its rugged construction and IP67 rating, providing protection against dust, water, and other environmental factors.

The TPASS® 3 Safety Pendant is specifically designed to mitigate risks and improve worker safety in high-risk environments. It features advanced technologies such as motion detection and fall detection to ensure prompt response in critical situations. TPASS® 3 detects motion and initiates a countdown timer when there is no movement, alerting the worker and enabling timely intervention; TPASS® 3 triggers an alarm and transmits distress signals to the Grace Gateway, enabling immediate assistance. The TPASS® 3’s robust design and reliable performance make it an essential safety tool for workers in high-risk industries, providing enhanced protection and peace of mind.

Grace Gateways

Grace Connected Safety™ Gateways are an essential component of the safety system, enabling seamless communication and monitoring of lone workers. These gateways serve as a central hub that receives and transmits signals from safety pendants to the Grace Cloud Connect™ system. With various connectivity options, including cellular and Wi-Fi, they ensure reliable and real-time data transmission. Grace Gateways are designed to withstand demanding environments, with rugged construction and advanced features. They provide enhanced coverage, enabling effective monitoring even in remote or challenging locations. Grace Connected Safety™ Gateways are the backbone of the safety system, ensuring continuous connectivity and comprehensive protection for lone workers and those working at heights.

Grace Fixed Gateways

Grace Fixed Gateways play a crucial role in the Grace Connected Safety™ system, providing reliable communication and monitoring capabilities. Some of the key benefits of using Grace Fixed Gateways include seamless integration with safety pendants and other devices, ensuring real-time data transmission. The gateways enable centralized monitoring through the user-friendly Grace Cloud Connect platform, allowing safety managers to track and respond to alerts efficiently. With their robust construction and long-range communication capabilities, Grace Fixed Gateways offer enhanced coverage, making them ideal for large industrial settings.

Grace Fixed Gateways are designed to enhance worker safety in diverse environments by providing comprehensive coverage and reliable communication. These gateways act as the central hub for the Grace Connected Safety™ system, enabling seamless communication between safety pendants and the Grace Cloud Connect platform. With their advanced features, including audible and visual alarms, Grace Fixed Gateways ensure immediate notification of safety alerts. They also facilitate two-way communication, allowing safety managers to communicate with lone workers in real-time. The robust and scalable nature of Grace Fixed Gateways makes them a valuable component in ensuring worker safety across a wide range of industries and environments.

Grace Mobile Gateways

Grace Mobile Gateways offer unique advantages in the Grace Connected Safety™ system, providing flexible and portable communication capabilities. With Grace Mobile Gateways, safety monitoring and communication extend beyond fixed locations, allowing for seamless coverage in remote or dynamic work environments. These gateways utilize cellular networks to ensure constant connectivity, enabling real-time data transmission and tracking of lone workers. The mobile nature of these gateways makes them an ideal choice for industries such as construction, utilities, and transportation where workers are constantly on the move.

Grace Mobile Gateways play a vital role in enhancing worker safety and communication in mobile work environments. These gateways enable continuous monitoring and communication with lone workers, even in areas with limited or no Wi-Fi coverage. By leveraging cellular networks, Grace Mobile Gateways ensure reliable and real-time data transmission, allowing safety managers to monitor the safety status of their workforce and respond promptly to alerts. The portable nature of these gateways enables workers to carry them wherever they go, providing an additional layer of safety and communication support in remote or dynamic job sites.

Portable Worksite Alarms

Portable Worksite Alarms from Grace Connected Safety™ are compact and versatile devices designed to improve worksite safety. These alarms serve as audible and visual indicators, alerting workers to potential hazards or emergency situations. They are easily deployable and can be strategically placed in various locations on the worksite. When triggered, Portable Worksite Alarms emit loud audible alerts and highly visible signals, providing immediate warnings to workers and helping them take necessary safety precautions. These alarms act as an additional layer of protection, promoting a safer working environment.

Portable Worksite Alarms seamlessly integrate into existing safety protocols, enhancing the overall safety measures on the worksite. These alarms can be easily synchronized with Grace Connected Safety™ system, allowing safety managers to remotely monitor and control the alarms through the centralized platform. Integration enables real-time alert notifications and alarm management, empowering safety personnel to respond promptly to critical situations. Portable Worksite Alarms can be synchronized with other safety devices such as safety pendants and gateways, creating a comprehensive safety network that ensures a swift and coordinated response in emergency scenarios. By integrating Portable Worksite Alarms into existing safety protocols, organizations can enhance their safety culture and provide an added layer of protection for their workforce.

Service Plans

Grace Connected Safety™ offers flexible and comprehensive service plans to meet the unique safety needs of businesses and industries. Our plans provide access to real-time monitoring, alerts, mapping, reporting, and integration with the Grace Cloud Connect platform. Choose the plan that aligns with your requirements and budget, and gain peace of mind knowing that your lone workers are protected. Our service plans empower businesses with the tools and support they need to enhance worker safety and compliance.