Grace Connected Safety™

GMG Grace Mobile Gateway

Grace Connected Safety™

GMG Grace Mobile Gateway

Grace GMG is configured with a SALTi System Access Loop Test Indicator™ designed to confirm that the system is able to meet its requirements and perform as expected. By testing the system access loop, workers can identify and correct any issues before the system is deployed, ensuring that it will function correctly in real-world environments.

Grace Cloud Connect™ Service plans are priced $ per Gateway and not per Pendant with the ability to support up (20) Pendants per Gateway.


Model: GMG 

– Radio Certifications:
FCC ID: J5XMXHEM; Q639603N; MCQ-XB3M1 – Meets FCC Part 15
IC: 5916A-MXHEM; 4629A-9603N; 1846A-XB3M1-Complies with Canadian ICES-003
Australia / New Zealand: Compliant to ACMA AS/NZS CISPR22:2006, Class A Digital Apparatus
AS/NZS 4268:2017 for Intentional Radiators EMC93142C-ACMA EMC93142C-AS/NZS 4268

GMG Grace Mobile Gateway

Real-Time Connectivity

Encrypted Security

Events Log & Mapping

Custom Alerts

GMG Grace Mobile Gateway
Frequently Asked Questions

Portable Worksite Alarms

Grace Connected Safety’s range of connected gateways often raises some common questions from businesses and workers looking to enhance their safety measures. Frequently asked questions include the types of gateways available and their features, how they communicate with the Grace Cloud Connect monitoring portal, and their connection options. Businesses are also curious about the level of customization available for the devices and how they can integrate them into their existing safety protocols.

What is the Portable Worksite Alarm?

The Portable Worksite Alarm (PWA) is a wireless bridge that connects our Grace Lone Worker safety devices to the Grace Connected Safety™ Cloud Monitoring Portal, ensuring the safety of your workers in real-time. It is designed to work seamlessly with our range of safety pendants and features both satellite and cellular connectivity.

What is the battery life of the PWA?

The PWA is powered by an internal, rechargeable battery, with a run time of up to 24 hours with a recharge time 6-10 hours.

Can I use the PWA Portable Worksite Alarm as part of a confined space operation?

Yes, PWA Portable Worksite Alarm is not an environmental gas monitor, but is a very effective safety monitor when placed at a confined space entry point.  The PWA is a VERY loud alarm with bright LED lights and acts as a signal repeater; the worker inside the confined space is assigned any model of Grace Safety Pendant while the outside Confined Space Attendant carries a confined space display model of WorkForce 2 or Sc500 to receive alarms relayed from the PWA, as well as send evacuation signals to the worker. A confined space operation is OSHA 1910.146 when used in this configuration. The PWA is also equipped with its own manual EVAC evacuation button.

Can the PWA be used in areas without satellite coverage?

Yes, the PWA features both satellite and cellular connectivity, ensuring reliable data signaling with the Cloud even in areas without satellite coverage.

What kind of alerts will I receive in the event of an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, you will receive immediate alerts through the Grace Connected Safety™ Cloud Monitoring Portal. These alerts will include the worker’s location, status, and any relevant information about the emergency situation.