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SuperCELL® SC500 Intrinsically Safe Lone Worker – Supervisor Safety Pendant Monitor

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Grace Connected Safety™

SuperCELL® SC500 Intrinsically Safe Lone Worker – Supervisor Safety Pendant Monitor

SuperCELL® SC500 is an intrinsically safe rugged industrial grade supervisor-worn safety pendant with display; with man-down panic button, motion sensing, and GPS location. With a bright LCD display, the SC500 Pendant is used by an on-site Monitoring Attendant … “Supervisor” to monitor other Grace Safety Pendants by identifying other units in alarm, as well as the location of an alarming unit. Indoor location is displayed when used with the Grace Locator Beacon; outdoor GPS coordinates are displayed when used with Grace other GPS capable Pendants.

All Grace products utilize proprietary high-performance secure license-free RF radio frequency wireless technology. All Grace Pendants are capable of interoperating between non-subscription based Grace Lone Worker Fixed Facility Systems, as well as Grace Cloud Connect™ subscription based solutions for mobile, portable and remote applications.


Model: SC500-H– (Available in SM– Supervisor Model, CS-Confined Space Model, and LW– Lone Worker Model)
• Dimensions: 2-3/16” wide, 1-3/8” deep (without clip), by 5”high (with antenna).
• Weight: 5.6 oz.
• Internal Battery: 3.7 V nominal, 1960 mAh, intrinsically safe, lithium-ion rechargeable.
• Device Run Time: Approximately 40 hrs. in Sensing Mode, and 10 hrs. in Alarm Mode.
• Radio Frequency: ISM license free, spread spectrum.
• Battery Charger Operational Voltage: 120VAC or 12VDC.
Available international power adapters rated for 100-240VAC input, with UL, FCC, CE, ratings.
• Battery Charge Time: 6 – 8 hrs.
• Certifi cations:
• Intrinsically Safe UL913, CSA C22.2 No. 157
• IP67
• Radio Certifications:
• IC: 5916A-T3HEP
• Australia / New Zealand: Compliant to ACMA AS/NZS
CISPR22:2006, Class A Digital Apparatus | AS/NZS 4268:2017
for Intentional Radiators
• EMC93142A-ACMA
• EMC93142A-AS/NZS 4268

SuperCELL® SC500 Intrinsically Safe Lone Worker – Supervisor Safety Pendant Monitor

Distress Alarm

Motion Detection

GPS Capable

Grace Connected Safety™


The SuperCELL® SC500 is a worker safety pendant designed for emergency signaling and monitoring, specifically critical for workforce safety. It is an intrinsically safe, high-performance, RF-wireless device that continuously tracks location and transmits this location along with the user’s status to other Grace Connected Safety™ products.

SuperCELL® SC500 Intrinsically Safe Lone Worker – Supervisor Safety Pendant Monitor

Alert Types

Audible, visual, and vibrating alerts enable prompt action during emergencies. The SC500® alerts can be configured using the PC Utility tool.

Rugged IP67 Rating

The SC500® is designed to withstand dust, water, and harsh environments, ensuring device durability and reliability.

GPS Capability

The optional GPS feature allows accurate outdoor positioning of SuperCELL® devices, enabling precise mapping display on Grace Connected Safety™.

Motion Detection

Activated when the SC500® stops moving, a countdown initiates from a default 90-second duration. A pre-alert tone encourages user movement; if unresponsive, the alarm escalates audibly and transmits to the Grace Gateway. Motion time settings can be customized using the PC Utility tool.

Distress Alarm

The SC500® features a distress alarm button for manual activation in emergencies.

Pendant Buddy System

An optional feature allowing other Grace SuperCELL® devices to receive alarms if an SC500® is in distress, notifying nearby personnel.

User Friendly & Configurable

The WorkForce® devices are user-friendly, provided with operating and configuration manual and settings changes that can be easily changed via the PC Utility tool.

Rechargeable Battery

The SC500® contains a rechargeable lithium battery, charging in approximately 6-8 hours using a standard AC adapter or optional 12V DC vehicle charger. Non-GPS models offer up to 40 hours of operation, while GPS models provide up to 24 hours.

System Access Loop Test Indicator (SALTi)

When used with Grace Gateways, the system access loop test indicator (SALTi) is designed to confirm that the system is able to meet its requirements and perform as expected. By testing the system access loop, workers can identify and correct any issues before the system is deployed, ensuring that it will function correctly in real-world environments.


Grace Connected Safety™ devices are approved to operate on a license-free radio RF spectrum in North America, Australia, and other select countries, providing greater flexibility and accessibility.