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WorkForce® 1 Lone Worker Fall Detection Safety Pendant

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Grace Connected Safety™

WorkForce® 1 Lone Worker Fall Detection Safety Pendant

WorkForce® 1 is a rugged industrial grade work-worn safety pendant; non-intrinsically safe with panic button, fall detection, GPS location and motion sensing. When the AM Alarm Monitoring “Buddy System” feature is enabled, it can be used to monitor the alarm status of other Grace Pendants. When one Pendant goes into alarm, the AM Alarm Monitoring Pendant also goes into alarm.

Grace Fall Detection is a feature available in the WorkForce® product line and useful for people working at heights and the prevention of suspension trauma.

All Grace Pendants are capable of interoperating between non-subscription based Grace Lone Worker Fixed Facility Systems, as well as Grace Cloud Connect™ subscription based solutions for mobile, portable and remote applications.

All Grace products utilize proprietary high-performance secure license-free RF radio frequency wireless technology.


Model: WF-1-H, User Model.

Dimensions: 2-1/4” wide, 1-1/4” deep (without clip), 3-3/8” high.
• Weight: 5.7 oz.
• Alarm Audio: 79+ dBA at 10 feet.
• Internal Battery: 3.7 V nominal, 1960 mAh, lithium-ion rechargeable.
• Device Run Time: Approximately 40 hours in Sensing Mode, and 8 hrs. in Alarm Mode.
• Radio Frequency: ISM license free, spread spectrum.
• Battery Charger Operational Voltage: 120VAC or 12VDC.
• Battery Charge Time: 3 – 4 hrs.
• USB Connector: Micro B USB connection for battery charging and WorkForce®1 configuration.
• Certifications:
• IC: 5916A-T5HIP
• AS/NZS 4268:2017
• Australia / New Zealand: Compliant to ACMA AS/NZS CISPR22:2006, Class A Digital Apparatus | AS/NZS 4268:2017 for
Intentional Radiators
• EMC93142B-ACMA
• EMC93142B-AS/NZS 4268

WorkForce® 1 Lone Worker Fall Detection Safety Pendant

Distress Alarm

Fall Detection

Motion Detection

GPS Capable

WorkForce® 1 Lone Worker Fall Detection Safety Pendant

Alert Types

Audible, visual, and vibrating alerts allow for immediate response in emergency situations. User configurable with PC Utility tool.

Rugged IP67 Rating

Ensuring device is protected against dust, water, and harsh environments.

GPS Capability

Available as an option for true outdoor positioning of WorkForce® devices, allowing for accurate mapping display on Grace Connected Safety™

Motion Detection

Safety feature triggered when a worker safety pendant device stops moving, with a timer counting down from a factory default time of 90 seconds. A pre-alert tone prompts the user to move, and if not reset, the alarm escalates to its audible alarm and transmits back to the Grace Gateway. Motion time settings can be easily configured with a PC Utility tool.

Fall Detection

Activated when a worker safety pendant device detects a fall greater than 4ft. The device enters fall detection pre-alert with an escalating audible tone for 15 seconds, allowing the user to manually reset their WorkForce® device by pressing its side buttons. If not reset within the pre-alert time, a full alarm is transmitted immediately to the Grace Gateway and processed on Grace Connected Safety.

Distress Alarm

WorkForce® devices also have a distress alarm button for manual activation if needed.

Pendant Buddy System

Optional feature that allows other Grace Pendants to receive the alarm when one WorkForce® device is in alarm. If other Grace Pendants are within range of the alarm, they too receive the alarm.

User Friendly & Configurable

The WorkForce® devices are user-friendly, provided with operating and configuration manual and settings changes that can be easily changed via the PC Utility tool.

Rechargeable Battery

Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged in approximately 3-4 hours using a standard AC charger or an optional 12V DC vehicle charger. Non-GPS models can support up to 40 hours of operation, while GPS models can support up to 24 hours.

System Access Loop Test Indicator (SALTi)

When used with Grace Gateways, the system access loop test indicator (SALTi) is designed to confirm that the system is able to meet its requirements and perform as expected. By testing the system access loop, workers can identify and correct any issues before the system is deployed, ensuring that it will function correctly in real-world environments.


Grace Connected Safety™ devices are approved to operate on a license-free radio RF spectrum in North America, Australia, and other select countries, providing greater flexibility and accessibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

WorkForce® 1 & 2 Safety Pendants

Grace Connected Safety’s range of connected gateways often raises some common questions from businesses and workers looking to enhance their safety measures. Frequently asked questions include the types of gateways available and their features, how they communicate with the Grace Cloud Connect monitoring portal, and their connection options. Businesses are also curious about the level of customization available for the devices and how they can integrate them into their existing safety protocols.

What are Grace Gateways?

Grace Gateways are devices that connect worker-worn pendants to the Grace Cloud Connect dashboard via various connectivity options, such as cellular, Iridium satellite, or Ethernet. They are essential components of the Grace system and are designed to serve any type of worker in a safety application.

How many types of Grace Gateways are available?

Currently, there are four types of Grace Gateways available for use in mobile, portable, or fixed-location applications. They are offered in three configurations, including cellular only, dual cellular and Iridium satellite, and Ethernet or WiFi.

How many pendants can a Grace Gateway support?

Grace Gateways are high performance and can support the simultaneous operation of up to 10 pendants, and even more depending on the specific application.

What are the top features of Grace Gateways?

Grace Gateways feature patented Smart Signaling and System Assurance Loop Test indication for visibility to the cloud, ensuring reliable communication between the gateways and the cloud. They also have various visual led status indicators (network, TX/RX, GPS, low-battery), an OLED display providing real-time connectivity status and various messages related to the system, and 128-bit AES encrypted connection for secure communication.

What applications are Grace Gateways suitable for?

Grace Gateways are suitable for mobile, portable, or fixed-location applications in various industries. They can be selected for use on standard or off-road vehicles, portable worksite operations, or mounted in fixed facilities.